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In-town check-in and pre-screening for US Flights

Terakhir diperbarui: 27 Jun 2018 17:30 HKT (GMT+8)

Please note that we will reopen in-town check-in facilities for passengers travelling on direct flights to the United States. In-town check-in will reopen at Hong Kong and Kowloon stations (Airport Express/MTR) for US flights from 5:30 a.m. on the 29 June 2018

As such, passengers will be able to check in and collect their boarding passes as early as 24 hours or as late as 90 minutes before their scheduled flight departure. 

Kindly note that, to comply with the requirements from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA), we cannot issue a boarding pass to a passenger departing for a US destination more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

Additionally, the US authorities have relaxed part of the current pre-screening interview requirements, allowing passengers joining flights in Hong Kong to undertake the pre-screening interview at the boarding gate rather than at check-in.