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Bandara Zurich

Informasi Bandar Udara

Loket Check-in

Terminal 2, 2nd level, Row 4

Opening hours
Opens 3 hours before departure
Closes punctually 40 minutes before scheduled departure

Fasilitas layanan mandiri

Check-in dan Label Bagasi Mandiri
Kios untuk check-in, boarding pass dan label bagasi layanan mandiri. Cari tahu lebih lanjut.
Catatan: Jika Online Check-in sudah lengkap, lanjutkan ke kios untuk mendapatkan label bagasi, kemudian ke gerai penyerahan bagasi.

Lounge The Aspire Lounge
Informasi Bea Cukai

Tobacco Products: 250 cigarettes or 250 cigars or 250 g of other tobacco products (minimum age of passenger must be 17)

Alcoholic Beverages: 5 litres up to 18% vol. and 1 litre over 18% vol. products (minimum age of passenger must be 17)

Others: VAT duty-free allowances: The duty-free allowance is CHF 300 per person per day. It is determined by the value of all goods brought into the country, including alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. If the sum of CHF 300 is exceeded, VAT is payable on the total value of all goods. When declaring your goods, please have all receipts and your travel documents ready.

Please note that VAT refund process might take approx. 30-40 minutes.