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Utilisation des Asia Miles pour les ventes à bord

Log on to Cathay Pacific's Duty-Free Preflight Order Service at between 2 and 21 days prior to departure. Simply add the items you would like to redeem to your shopping cart and provide your flight information to complete the order. Your merchandise will be delivered to you on board your flight.

No. As a member of The Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles, you can use this service immediately.

We are not able to accept the redemption unless you have sufficient mileage in your account for the desired goods.

A confirmation email will be sent to you and the corresponding number of Asia miles deducted from your account.

We will deduct the required number of Asia Miles upon confirmation of your order.

These details will be used by our cabin crew for verification purposes only when delivering items to you onboard your next flight.

Changes to your itinerary made within 2 to 21 days before your original departure date will be reflected in your redemption order. However, you are advised to double check your flight details on the Duty-free Preflight Order Service website to ensure delivery of goods.

Flight schedule changes must be made between 2 and 21 days prior to your original departure date and not more than 60 days after your duty-free order is placed. Please visit our Duty-Free Preflight Order Service, select >Duty-Free Preflight Order > Customer Service on the left navigation bar and then View / Edit Your Orders to revise your itinerary.

Our cabin crew will deliver your duty-free merchandise to you sometime during boarding. Please have your Confirmed Reference Number on hand, provide your passport number for verification and sign the delivery note as confirmation.

We always try our best to fulfil each and every order, however, under certain circumstances (such as flight disruption and aircraft rotation) there may be the chance that your specified goods are not available. Please email us at for further arrangement.

Redemption awards are not eligible for mileage accrual.

Confirmed redemption orders are non-reversible.

Any items left uncollected 60 days after an order was made will be forfeited.

Redemption on inflight duty-free items is only available through our Duty-free Preflight Order Service.

Please email Inflight Sales & Logistics at with details including your name, order reference number and products involved. Our office will follow up accordingly.

Only primary members are entitled to order and collect redeemed items inflight.