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After checking in online

Yes, you can change seats for you and your travelling companions after completing Online Check-In. If you have already selected your seats at the time of reservation, you can make seat changes by utilizing the "Change Seat" function on the confirmation page after completing your Online Check-In.

Elite members of The Marco Polo Club (Silver tier and above) can change their seats up to three times. All other passengers can change their seats once after checking in.

We offer you many ways to get a boarding pass after you check in online.

  1. Print your own Boarding Pass on selected flights and airports
  2. Receive a Mobile Boarding Pass online on selected flights and airports,
  3. Print your boarding pass with our Self Check-In kiosks. You can check Self Check-In kiosks page for the updated list of airports introduced this service. At Hong Kong International Airport, these kiosks are located at Aisles B and C of the departure hall.
  4. Collect your boarding pass and drop your bags at our designated Self Check-In Bag Drop Counter in the airport prior to your departure.

Self Print and Mobile Boarding Passes are available from 48 hours up to 90 minutes before departure.

You can collect your boarding pass at the Hong Kong International Airport from 1 day up to 50 minutes before departure. For Hong Kong In-Town Check-In facilities (either at Kowloon or Hong Kong Station), you need to arrive at the counter not less than 90 minutes prior to departure. Collect your boarding pass at least 50 minutes before departure if you choose to print your boarding pass with our Self Check-In kiosks located at various locations.

Passengers must collect their boarding pass at least 10 minutes before counter closure. Please make sure to check the individual airport page on our website to learn more about each specific counter closure times.

Yes. To cancel your booking, please cancel your online check-in first; then contact your travel agent or reservations office for the cancellation.

Simply call our Global Contact Centres where we provide 24-hour phone support, in case you encounter any problems during Online Check-In.

You must hold and present a valid ticket at the time of departure, along with your travel documents and check-in confirmation page.

Please note that you can be denied boarding and requested to purchase another ticket if your ticket is deemed invalid at the time of departure.

Yes, you can cancel Check-In for yourself and your travelling.

You can cancel Check-In by utilising the "Cancel Check-In" function on the "Flight Details" page or the "Online Check-In Confirmation" page after completing your Online Check-In.