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You can search our fares through:

  • Online Booking (Feel free to check our fares even if you decide not to make the purchase immediately) and/or
  • Unique Local Offers in different local sites

We frequently offer fares that are only available on our site for a limited period. You can only get these fares if you book through Online Booking. In addition, we feature other exclusive non-fare specials (such as priority booking for Miss Saigon tickets) that you can take advantage of when you visit us online.

Depending on your travel dates, you may not be able to enjoy our promotional fares due to sell-out.

If an aircraft serving a sector of your itinerary does not have a First or Business Class cabin, you will be placed in a lower or higher cabin class.

For example, a passenger has a First Class ticket for a London-Hong Kong-Sydney-Hong Kong-London itinerary, and the selected Hong Kong to Sydney flight does not have a First Class cabin, then the passenger will be seated in Business or Economy class, subject to availability.

If the requested cabin class is not available in one of the sectors in your itinerary, you will be notified during the booking process. Please note that your entire itinerary is priced in the cabin class you requested.

Fares are subject to seat availability and fare restrictions. Hence, the fare quoted by your travel agent may not be the same as ours.

There are two kinds of Economy Class. Economy Unrestricted carries a higher fare, but allows greater travel flexibility. Economy Restricted carries a lower fare, but usually has more travel restrictions, such as ticket validity and seasonality.

Not at the moment, but you can use our Online Booking service and make easy arrangements.