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Flight messaging

Flight messaging provides useful reminders about your flight via email, mobile phone text message (SMS) and/or push notifications. We will notify you if your flight is on schedule, delayed, re-routed, or cancelled.  There are 3 types of flight related messaging you could receive if you fly with Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon.

a)    Trip reminders

Trip reminders are sent 7 days before departure. It contains itinerary, link to manage booking and other useful information related to your flight sent in the form of an email.

b)    Check-in reminders

Check-in reminders are sent 48 hours before departure. It contains itinerary, link to online check-in and other useful information related to your flight sent in the form of an email.

c)    Flight reminder messages/ Flight departure reminders

Flight reminder messages/ flight departure reminders are sent 4 hours before departure through email and/or mobile push notification with a schedule reminder. 

d)    Flight status notifications

Flight status notifications offers on-the-fly notifications through email, SMS, and/or mobile push notification if the change in the estimated time of departure for your flight is more than 15 minutes; if your flight has been re-routed within 7 days of scheduled departure time; or if your flight has been cancelled.

Yes, except code-sharing and joint venture flights operated by other airlines.

We offer flight messaging in the forms of email, SMS and/or mobile push notification. The specific types of medium provided for different types of notifications might differ. You can refer to the below for more details.

a)    Trip reminders: Email

a)    Check-in reminders: Email

b)    Flight reminder messages: Email and/or mobile push notification

c)    Flight status notifications: Email, SMS and/or mobile push notification

This service is provided free to our Marco Polo Club / Asia Miles members and non-members.

Please note that some mobile phone operators may require you to subscribe to special services before you can receive any mobile phone text messages. For mobile push notifications, a valid internet connection either through cellular or Wi-Fi is required which might involve extra charges from your mobile phone operators. If you are unsure, please check with your mobile phone operator.

Flight messaging is currently available in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean for our Marco Polo Club / Asia Miles members.

Yes, in order to receive flight messaging, you would have to have a booking on a Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon operated flight.